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Well folks I”m not sure what to say.   I have no good excuses for the lack of posts other than business and I suppose complacency.  Its not that I dont care, its just been a crazy year.  I have every intention of beefing up things here.  Still have plans to create some form of podcast but…I just have to get off my ass and do it.  If you’re still following, please keep this blog in your subscription list and I hope to make things much more interesting in 2016. Happy New Year everyone and keep rocking.  Also visit the musicastherapy Facebook page for occasional posts relevant to whats going on here at this site.  Cheers.

Album Review: “Core” by A.D.D.

ADD Core

Released March 24, 2015

Pavement Records

A.D.D. (Analog Digital Disorder)

Track Listing:

1. I Regret

2. Not My Way

3. Hear Me Now

4. Was My Life

5. Damn Thing

6. So The Pain

7.  Nightmare

8. Nothing Left

9. So Much (So Little)

10. Black

I had been waiting for this to get to my mailbox like a kid waits for the ice cream truck.  I read a lot of the reviews written in advance of the release.   It all sounded great.  But honestly I couldn’t give a crap what anyone else thinks.  I know what I like and I can make my own decisions.   The thing is this release was highly anticipated because of the promise this band is currently showing.  Their following is growing, the sponsorships keep coming in, the tour dates are being added daily, and Pavement believed in them enough to sign them last year so…..this band is on the rise.  Fronted by Margaret Young (more commonly known as Matilda Moon) this Chicago area band is making headlines.   Truth is they’ve been putting in their dues in the Chicago area, most notably at Mojoe’s, a live venue in Joliet, IL (my hometown).  Deserving acts from all over are finally getting their stage and things are starting to happen as a result.

The album opens strong with “I Regret” a song presumably about hate and anger being destructive.  At least that’s what I get from it.  It has all the aspects of a hard rock song that I want to hear: dark lyrics, a person on the ropes facing their mistakes, a growling but melodic voice, and killer music to round it all out.  Its also the video they recently released (see below).  Strong and powerful, its the perfect opener.

“Not My Way” and “Hear Me Now” continue the onslaught of pain and a life lived.   Matilda’s voice is like few females I’ve heard…..its made for this genre and remains unique among her peers.  Beat me for saying this if you will but I hear some Janis in there! “Damn Thing” and even “So The Pain” resonate with the themes of pain and darkness, making the album stay dark but artistic in the process.

“Nightmare” and “Nothing Left” are my favorites.  Slower and melodic, you hear the deeper intricacies of Matilda’s voice.  They are very well performed by everyone and leave a lasting mark.  Was My Life and So Much (So Little) are sung by Jeremy Sparta and are gems as well.  The album ends with a Sevendust tune, “Black” who the band names as one of their primary influences.  Can’t go wrong there folks.

There are literally thousands of other writers who would do much better justice to this album than I so read their reviews too.  Get out and see this band at your next opportunity.  You will not regret it.  Scroll down for some videos and their tour dates.  A.D.D. is:

Margaret Young (aka Matilda Moon)-vocals

Jason Delismon-drums

Dave Adams-Guitar

Jeremy Sparta-Guitar and Vocals

Tour Dates:
Sat. Apr. 4th – Crazy Coyote – Burlington, IA

Sat. Apr. 11th – Freakster’s Roadhouse – HEADLINE – Pontiac, IL

Thu. April 16th – Nevin’s – HEADLINE – Plainfield, IL

Fri. Apr. 24th – On the Rox w/ Wayland – Jacksonville, IL

Thu. May 7th – Mojoes w/ Black Stone Cherry – Joliet, IL

Sun. May 10th – High Noon Saloon w/ Y&T – Madison, WI

Sat. June 5th – Metal Grill – Milwaukee, WI

Fri. July 17th – Rockfest – Cadott, WI

Watch “A.D.D. “I REGRET” Album “CORE” Label “PAVEMENT”” on YouTube

Great band from the Chicago area. Female fronted badassery. Enjoy.

A.D.D. “I REGRET” Album “CORE” Label “PAVEMENT”:


This is a new release from a good friend of mine. Not music related but she has shared my love for music for as on as I’ve known her, and it’s my blog so I’ll post what I want! She’s really talented. Read her other stuff and follow her blog too!


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Lionize by Mike Cloud

In the summer of 2013 I went to see a Clutch show at the House of Blues in Chicago. I had gone on my own which is kind of a new thing for me since I am usually the guy who gets invited to shows instead of doing the inviting. Anywho, this was the first time I became witness to Lionize, a band with the flavor of Neapolitan ice cream. What they did that night was groove their way into peoples brains with a combination of rock, reggae and that jam band vibe which can travel through the ends of time without a destination in sight. Needless to say I thought they were really cool, and the fact that a few members of Clutch came out to join them made it all the more special.

Fast forward to New Years Eve, 2014, at the 9:30 room in Washington D.C.. I am in town to party with Clutch once again, but this time with friends. Lionize is here again to support, but this time they are showing off their new album, Jetpack Soundtrack, which is being produced by Weathermaker, Clutch’s own label. Look to me like Lionize has a mentor and I couldn’t be happier because the two bands go really well together. This show was amazing! I really am loving this new material from Lionize. It feels like the rock influence is more profound than ever, but they keep their edges rounded, smooth, with that groove and reggae bounce that you cannot help but move too.

Needless to say I am now a fan of this heavy stoner rock & reggae band. It Is that good kind of vibe with strange and fun lyrics, stories and tales instead of hard ramblings, and a rock sound that keeps you bangin your head. A very cool band which I hope will see a growing fan base that will take them to where they need to be… opening for no one.

Lionize is:

Chris Brooks – Keys
Henry Upton – Bass
Chase Lapp – Drums
Nate Bergman – Guitar/Vocals

The “Grateful Dead” and the despicable 2015 cash grab

I haven’t posted here in a long while.  Way too long.  I plan to remedy that right now.  Because I cannot be silent anymore.

To those who do not know me, I am a huge fan of the Grateful Dead.  I have been so since 1992 when I first heard the album Workingman’s Dead.  It simply blew my mind, and not because substances were involved.  Ok I cannot say that with complete honesty because lets face it, they were there.

I heard Uncle John’s Band and was entranced by the guitars, the rhythm, and the voices.  And the lyrics were incredible.

I had known about the Grateful Dead “scene” for a while at that point.  There was always a big spectacle when they came into town (I’m from the Chicago area. Dead shows were plenty).  But until that night I wasn’t interested.

To put it simply, the music moved me.

And it was always that way.  As the years went on I definitely became part of the “scene.”  I wore Patchouli,  I wore those poncho things.  I let the girls put hair wraps in my locks.  And all the “other” stuff that was involved, well lets just say I partook.  It was great.  But to be honest I was never really into the scene.  I was there but always felt left out in a way.  I just didn’t completely “get” it. It seemed highly exclusive and divisive, despite everyone heralding the contrary. I was there and I definitely had some experiences that were quite magical, but I always felt like I was on the outside looking in.  It took a couple doses of a certain substance to get me to realize there was a reason for that.  I was there for the music first.  Really first, above all else.  Many (if not most) who were there were there only for the scene.  No judgement but it’s true.  I saw Jerry many times and the last couple years were just sad.

I have always been a fan of the studio stuff.  That puts me on the “outside” with many of the diehard Deadheads.  I am an audiophile and will never apologize for it.  My favorite albums start in 68 and end in ’74.  Enough said.  I also became a big fan of Jerry particularly as well as Pigpen.  I became a historian of the band because I wanted to understand where all this music, this inspiration came from.

What the Dead (and particularly Jerry and Pig) did, with the help of Robert Hunter, was honor American music by putting their own spin on it.  Blues, Rock, Jazz, Country, and Bluegrass all intertwine their early stuff.  They gave this very American music a stage, albeit in a very tumultuous time in the US, irreversibly implanting it in the hearts and minds of music lovers everywhere.  What they did was massive.  It cant be understated.

I’m going to genuinely lose friends for saying what I am about to say.  But I have to say it.   I respect the music and the name of the band too much.  When Pig and Jerry left this earth, so did all the magic that WAS the Grateful Dead.

And this “last performance of the Grateful Dead” is complete and utter bullshit.  The last performance was in July 1995.  I was there. End of story.

When the remaining members announced this “last concert” horseshit last month I did not, would not, buy into the hype.  This is simply ridiculous.  Are you kidding me?  And you have that hack Trey playing for Jerry?  Hornsby I love, and God knows I love the remaining boys but lets get serious.  Using the 50th Anniversary is disrespectful.  And guess what?  Only people with serious money are going to be able to afford these shows.   Just like in the late 90s.

I hope they pull it off.  I wont be there.


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